Visas for South Africa

Thank you for choosing our firm to assist you with your visa application process. The terms and conditions page serves as a short and concise overview describing our legal arrangements with you in a clear and understanding manner.

Our goal is to preserve your trust in us as your lawyers, deliver outstanding service from start to finish of the process, and manage all of your expectations with positive professionalism.


If an approved visa application fails to be delivered, a full refund will be given. Please keep in mind, however, that is it the client’s responsibility to provide us with full and accurate information in regards to your case so the best service can be given. There will not be a refund granted if false information was used and the visa is denied.

In addition, our firm cannot be held accountable for more than 100% of the agreed upon fees paid for services provided. If there is a cause for personal or external reasons for withdrawal once intellectual property has been discussed and disclosed, this will also result in no refund being issued.


Intellectual property can be defined in any of the following ways:

• General advice given by myself or immigration consultants.
• Telephone consultations received after we’ve been retained.
• Being exposed to information related to your case in any way.

Once intellectual property is provided, full fees become due. If a payment plan is agreed upon, you balance payment will be due at the arranged time. Balances must be paid on time regardless of where you are in the application process. Any outstanding balance must be settled immediately to avoid any disruptions of the visa process or penalties.



Since immigration legislation can change at any time, supplying documentation promptly and accurately is pertinent in order to avoid the chance of such a change affecting your case. If any changes come up that concern your case, you’ll be contacted by phone or email in order to get any necessary information. In any instance of a change in legislation, our firm cannot be held liable for an adverse affect in the outcome of your visa.

Additionally, a change in legislation that may disqualify you from applying for the intended visa you signed up for will not result in a refund.


Any time frame indicated to you by our firm is based on the approximate government guidelines for visa processing. The governmental department responsible for processing your visa has full control over the time it will take to finalise your application. This means that processing time could vary greatly from the original estimated time given.


All service fees charged by my firm are considered service fees and to not include any government fees or 3rd party fees.

In some cases, a payment plan can be agreed upon. However, it’s important to make payment installments on time or you’ll risk disrupting the visa process or suspension of your case.


By making payment, you have accepted the terms and conditions as stated above.